Investing in Hudson Valley

"Being an Angel Investor is about giving back, gaining a strong ROI, and being a part of a generous community of people who love to learn and grow!" 

  • Jeff Werner, CEO, The Field Group
Team of colleagues working together on a project.

Supporting Hudson Valley's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

The goal of the Hudson Valley Small Business Fund is to provide competitive returns for our investors. We also support local businesses in growing their revenues, resulting in a favorable outcome for both. Utilizing a revenue-based investment model, the Hudson Valley Small Business Fund offers the following benefits over traditional investment models:

  • Shorter wait time for investor returns, with principal returned in the early years
  • Competitive IRR
  • Sale of portfolio company not required for returns
  • Delivery of consistent portfolio returns from each company
  • Investment in fewer companies to yield average returns
  • Ability to reinvest principal to yield higher IRR

The Hudson Valley Small Business Fund is designed to work in conjunction with Accelerate HV, a 5 year program that includes a 1 year intensive jumpstart for development and growth.

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